20 Minute Home Legs & Glutes Workout

workouts Mar 08, 2017

If you’ve got 20 minutes and a couch, you can sweat your way to a stronger lower body and better booty! I’ve designed this do-anywhere workout to help you whip up a good sweat and whoop your derrière into shape, no matter where you are. As long as you’ve got 20 minutes or so to spare, this lower-body, booty-building workout circuit will kick your behind!


A phone or timer to track your rest times with
A couch or chair
A willingness to work your butt on!
There are six movements to familiarize yourself with in this workout, and you will perform each one for a full minute of intense, butt-building work. There’s very little to no rest between the exercises; do them all back-to-back until you’ve done all six movements to complete one round. Only then should you give yourself a 60-second break to catch your breath before you start the next round. Aim to give your best effort for every minute you are performing the movement, and keep the intensity up. I know it burns, but that means it’s going to be an effective workout! Do this six-exercise circuit for a total of three rounds, which should take you between 20-30 minutes from start to finish. If it’s too hard at first, that’s normal—keep at it to build your stamina and get used to the movements! If you feel the workout is a bit too easy, shorten your rest time and make your movements explosive.

All of these movements emphasize the lower body and glutes, so make sure you are focusing on contracting those butt muscles and making each movement powerful.

The pop squat combines the explosive movement of a jumping jack and a bodyweight squat. Keep your hands at your side, feet shoulder-width apart, and drop your butt as you spread your feet into a wider stance.

Try to touch the floor with your hands at the bottom of the movement, then drive into your heels to jump back up, bringing your feet together. If you have trouble touching the floor, you can place an object in front of you and touch that instead until your hip flexibility improves.

Get a fairly firm couch or chair that you can balance your rear foot on. The idea here is to stay in a sort of locked-in lunge position, in which the only movement comes from pushing off your heels to move up and down.

This can be a tricky exercise, as it will demand extra stability from your core muscles. Do 30 seconds of work for one leg and immediately switch to the other.

This is a variation of the previous exercise, but the difference is that I want you to focus on pushing off your front foot and jumping slightly into the air.

Adding this explosive movement will recruit more fast-twitch muscle fibers, allowing for greater muscle growth. Do this for 30 seconds per leg.

I like this move because it really increases the time under tension on each rep, which is a major contributor to muscle growth.

To perform one-and-a-half squats, first lower yourself into a normal bodyweight squat, but instead of going back to your full starting position, raise yourself only halfway and then quickly drop back down. Then go fully back up to complete one rep.

Lie down on the ground, hands by your sides, and use your heels to drive your hips up toward the ceiling. Give your glutes a hard squeeze at the top of this movement.

You should really be feeling this move in your glutes; if you feel it in your lower back, you may need to practice engaging your glute muscles more. Perform glute bridges for a full minute before moving on to the final exercise.

By now, your glutes should be screaming for a break. That’s a good sign—keep it up! The jump squat will really get your heart rate up. Squat down and then explode upward, lifting your feet off the ground and landing as softly as possible using the balls of your feet.

This is just a minute of work, but it might feel like a century after all of the previous exercises.

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