A Typical Day In My Life (VIDEO)

fit blog Mar 08, 2017

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen a lot of these “day in the life” type of videos on youtube and I always love them because they give us a glimpse as to who people are, how they do things, and they are just fun. I wanted to make a fun video for you guys and open up a bit. This video is not intended to be informative or particularly helpful even though I do talk about a few things I do that may or may not be helpful to some. But all in all, it is for fun! I got a few comments already that it was “not helpful at all” or “that I’m just showing off and not sharing anything informative” So I wanted to clarify that it wasn’t intended to be. I just wanted to do something a little fun for once and let you all into my life a little more.

I wanted to share my typical leg day because it’s my favorite day. Mostly because, I tend to have a cheat meal on leg day since it’s when I burn the most calories and need the most fuel. 😉

Big shoutout to my awesome strength and conditioning coach Steve @ Turning Point Strength & Conditioning facility. If you’re in the Albuquerque area you should check out Turning Point for training.

PS the weight plates are in KGs people! I know some people have never heard of Olympic plates lol but they are in kilograms not pounds.

The majority of the supplements you see me taking are NLA for Her Women’s Sports Supplements. They are the best and cleanest I’ve found & made specifically for women.
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