About My Diet - How I Eat

nutrition Mar 10, 2018


"What do you think of ____ Diet?"

"Do you track macros?"

"How many calories do you have daily?"

My diet and exercise philosophy is the same: do what's enjoyable/sustainable long term.

There's more than ONE way to reach a goal.

What matters is results & compliance.

What can you realistically stick to?

I don't follow any specific diet or eating style. Although I'm not completely against it. There are some decent diets if you're the type that needs "rules". Rules don't work for me.

I'm not intentionally intermittently fasting but my first meal has been between 11am-1pm lately.

 My goal is to steadily continue building muscle while minimizing fat gains.


 I generally don't track macros or count calories long term. I have, I think it's important to know how to and I even offer a video training series available to my online training members on how to easily do this because it gives you so much insight into what the foods you eat consist of. 

But for my goals & lifestyle I find it's not necessary nor sustainable to neurotically track every meal indefinitely.

Ideally I consume at least 2,000 calories per day.


 I eat a very high complete protein diet. (not super lean either)


🥑 I naturally consume more fat than most macro-trackers seem to be comfortable with, but definitely NOT keto.


🥗 I take MICROS very seriously. Ideally most meals include 1-2 servings of various non-starchy veggies in addition to a daily green veggie juice or smoothie.


🥔 I try my best to consume carbohydrates strategically - aiming to consume the majority of my starchy carbs allowance between my pre & post workout meals and stick to low-impact high fiber carbs throughout my other meals.

 I love cookies, chocolate, & pizza! I can occasionally eat one if I'm craving it and be good to go back to my normal healthy diet.

I do find if I have too many treats, I crave them more so I'm mindful of my sugar intake.

One diet style does not fit all! Comment below if you agree!

What works for you? I want to hear about your diet & how it's going!

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