January 2018 Physique Update

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2018

Here's my physique on Day 1 of my New Year Challenge.
I'll be tracking and sharing my progress with you here.

No flexing or posing, NOT my angles, no high waist leggings, or strategic lighting. Just me after some much needed rest, diet breaks, deloading, & some slacking over the previous 2 months! I had not had one consistent training week since before thanksgiving.   I was 2 meals per day during the holiday busyness, compared to when I'm consistent I average around 4-5.

About me:

🔸I am a true ectomorph.

🔸I am naturally lean & have difficulty building muscle.

🔸I'm also 5'2" so it takes less muscle to make me look "muscular" than it would for a taller person.

🔸 I generally weigh between 115-120lbs

🔸 When I'm not consistent with training & nutrition I LOSE weight & look soft & flat.

🔸 It's taken me YEARS to build a small amount of muscle and I can lose a lot of it in just a week of inconsistency. It's tough to come to terms with but it's reality.

🔸My goal: build & maintain a FULL, athletic,  healthy & curvy physique.


While I recognize there's NOTHING wrong with my this state of my physique and I'm able to acknowledge this may be someone else's goal, it's just not MY goal. I prefer to look and feel more strong. 

And the point of this post is to shed light on that: not everyone has the same goal. It doesn't matter what body type someone else prefers, what matters is what makes YOU feel the most happy, healthy, & comfortable in your skin.

That's the beauty of bodybuilding, you get to build the body YOU want! 

This challenge has been exactly what needed to get back on track. I needed this challenge just as much as the awesome ladies joining me for it! Their hard work & results motivate the crap out of me! So happy to be doing this together!
Stay tuned for my progress update.

Whether you want to build muscle, drop body fat, or BOTH through body recomposition, it's never too late to join me in the current challenge or available programs I offer & make it happen! 

Let's do this!

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