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We all have trouble “making time” for our workouts. Here is my tricks for getting training done every week with a busy schedule. Need an extra push for those glutes? Here is a glute workout that will help build your butt. Being pampered is a always a plus. You need to remember to take care of yourself and your skin. Follow me through a facial treatment at Atomic Beauty Company.

Structuring Your Training Week:

Make a list of muscles and how often you like to train them.
I like to look at workouts at four different levels of intensity:Level 1- Recovery DayActive, but low intensity day.  Taking a hike or a light walk are two examples for a recovery day.
Level 2- Isolation of one muscle groupNo compound or heavy lifting
Level 3- Moderate to Heavy weightHIT under 15 minutes
Steady State Cardio
More than one muscle group
Rest between sets
Level 4- High IntensityHIT, Heavy compound lifts, Plyos
Short rest periods between sets
Ask yourself these questions each day to help determine your level of workout for the dayHow do you feel?
What fuel have you put into your body today?  Is it a lot (like you would for a heavy day)? Is it a little, for a lower level, more isolated day?
What muscles have you already targeted in the last 48 hours?  You do not want to over train!
What do you have left for the week?  Is your schedule more flexible so you can move your days around, or do you need to stay to a tight schedule for the week?

GLUTE Workout:

[4](12-15) Cable Glute Kick-Backs

[4](12-15) Cable Abductions

[4](18) {6 reps Toes In; 6 reps Neutral; 6 reps Toes Out} Seated Leg Curls

[4](10-12) {per leg} Single Leg Curls

[4](15){5 reps Toes In; 5 reps Neutral; 5 reps Toes Out} Leg Extensions

[1](to Failure){immediately after leg extensions} Single-Leg Extensions

[4](15-20) Leg Press

[4](10-12) Single-leg Press

[4](12-15) Smith Machine Kneeling Squat

[4](10-12){per leg} Glute Isolation Lunges

[4](to Failure) Hip Thrusts

**Remember to refuel after with fast digesting carbs and protein!!**


Facial Process:

Glycolic Acid CleanserA light, non-abrasive cleaner to remove excess dirt and make up.
Medicated TonerEnsures cleanliness of the face to prepare for the next treatment
Lactic Acid Mask PeelSets under steam to aid with itchiness
Opens pores
Extracting TreatmentsHelps remove build up under the skin that would otherwise be difficult.
Instead of popping, this procedure leaves less bruising and scarring.
Tesla CurrentImproves circulation
Helps remove bacteria deeper under the skin
Helps with swelling after the facial is complete
Vitamin SerumThis is for skin protection and skin cell renewal.
Salicylic AcidHelps prevent dirt build up and swelling of the extractions sites.

The supplements I take: (coupon code: LAIS20 gets you 20% off all orders)
I got my facial done at Audrey’s New Salon she just opened Atomic Beauty Company in Albuquerque, NM
I’ve been going to her for years! She just opened her new salon and I love supporting those who help me so check her out if you’re in the ABQ area!

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