The All-or-Nothing Mindset Is Holding You Back!

fit blog Mar 10, 2018

How's the year, your goals, and new year resolutions going?

Had a couple bad days? A few missed workouts? Some treat days?...Oh good, it's not just me! 

I have good news, that's totally ok! You can still reach ALL of your 2018 goals because guess what: You don't have to be perfect 100% of the time. 

You just have to master ONE skill: the art of picking up where you left off. That's it! Sounds simple, but understanding this was a HUGE game changer for me. Once I finally learned this, like truly grasped it, I was able to stop the vicious all-or-nothing cycle and finally make real progress on my goals.

Do you have the All-Or-Nothing mentality about your health & fitness or any other area in your life? 

I promise you this mindset is not helping you. But you can change it! Let's chat, watch this video I made for you...

So if you happen to get off track, if life happens (spoiler alert: life WILL happen, always does) just practice picking up where you left off the next day. STOP "starting over" that's exhausting!
You already started, so just keep going - you got this!

Need some help with this? This is a mindset coaching topic we cover deeper inside my online training membership & challenges

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