What The Health Review

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2017

I love a good documentary but I'm also the type of person that questions everything I read and watch. I think it's important the general public understands what classifies a film a "documentary" and the standards (or lack thereof) associated with producing these type of films.

Suggested Articles on Documentary Film Making Ethics & Standards:

" What is it about the nature of the documentary that the viewer automatically assumes the good faith of the filmmaker? .....yet how can we know that what we are witnessing onscreen is the truth? Considering the seriousness with which we engage these films, and the power of the messages they often convey, it is surprising that a general set of standards--that could be held up to rigorous review--has not been developed.  "
The Need for a Documentary Code of Ethics

"This baseline research is necessary to begin any inquiry into ethical standards because the field has not yet articulated ethical standards specific to documentary. These...

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How To Choose Beef (Nutritious, Sustainable, Humane)

nutrition Aug 22, 2017

I know there's a lot of confusing information out there about meat, it's safety, effects on our health, sustainability concerns and the humane treatment of animals for food production. After my review of the film What The Health (HERE) I've gotten a lot of questions about how to choose meat wisely if you care about nutritional value, environmental sustainability, and the humane treatment of animals.

  • If meat is "Certified Organic" does that mean it is also sustainably raised and humanely treated?
  • Do I really need to buy organic?
  • What's the difference and why should I care?

I think it's amazing so many of you are interested in HOW your food is being produced and I understand how confusing it can all be at first. Allow me to try my best to simplify it all in a way I wish someone would have explained it to me.

 Problems with conventionally farmed beef

First let's talk about the problems with conventional beef production

  • Grain Finished Feeding & CAFO feeding conditions
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How to Track the Macros in a Serving of a Home-Cooked Meal

fit blog nutrition Apr 12, 2017

Do you get confused as to how you track your macros for a serving of a dish you make a large amount of?  I know it can be tricky, but with this video and MyFitnessPal, it will be easier than you know! Learn how to manually enter your own recipes into MyFitnessPal so you can track all your macros whether or not you make your own food, or eat out.


Lais's Mac and Cheese:

Creamy Chia Cheeze (Vegetable-based)

Coconut Milk (or your choice non-dairy milk)

Broccoli (organic is best)

Nutritional Yeast (optional)

Brown Rice Pasta

Colby Jack Cheese (optional)


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Back & Bicep Workout and Healthy Fried Rice Recipe

fit blog recipes workouts Apr 12, 2017

We can't just train legs & glutes ladies! We need strong arms and backs to match!
I have my workout here for a strong back and biceps, along with some new snacks I have discovered.  Do not forget to fuel up for the holidays, without feeling the guilt.  I have included my recipe for Healthy Fried Rice.  Give it a try and tell me how you like it!


[4] (Failure) Pull-ups 

[4] (10-12) Close grip Lat Pull Downs

[4] (12-15) Inlcine Curls + (10-12) Hammer Curls

[4] (12-15) E-Z Bar Bicep Curls + (10-12) Single Arm DB Row


Healthy Fried Rice:

Brussel Sprouts                        Celery

Bell Peppers                              Onion

White Rice                                 Garlic Powder

Chicken (pre-cooked)        ...

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Life Update/Worst Travel Experience

fit blog nutrition Apr 12, 2017

Traveling for work is sometimes fun, but it can be taxing and not always a smooth ride.  However, I had fun shooting and doing my first podcast interview for Bodybuilding.com!  Check out the behind-the-scenes shots from what I was doing on my trip.  Shooting with bodybuilding.com is always great because I get to have help setting everything up, and yet I get to step out of my comfort zone too.  We all need to be challenged in order to grow as individuals, so this was a great experience!  I also included a new recipe for my One-Pan Cheesy Chicken "Casserole", try it out and tell me what you think!


One-Pan Cheesy Chicken "Casserole"

Chicken Broth (low sodium)          Sea Salt                                            

Zuchinni (pre-cut)                      ...

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Morning Routine

fit blog Apr 12, 2017

I do not know about you, but I need a routine every day to keep me on track.  I love my morning routine because it gives me the chance to start my day off right, and strong!  What do you do daily to get ready for your day?  Here is what I do every morning to kick off my day of work, working out, and living a full life.

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Food Prep- The Lais Method

nutrition Apr 12, 2017

How do you food prep? Most people think of piles of containers and perfectly portioned meals stacked in a fridge for a week.

Not my style, I do not like having meals sitting in my fridge all week.  I like prepping food, and having it ready for cooking my meals during the week. I still have all my veggies, protein, sauces, and fruit for the week, but all ready to make separately.  

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Healthy On-The-Go Snacks for Busy Girls

nutrition Apr 12, 2017

We all have days where we are on the run, and we need pick me ups throughout the day.  I want to share my easy go-to snacks that keep me running throughout my busy days.  I hope you get some good ideas and create your own to-go snacks to help you live a healthier lifestyle!



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Push-up Tutorial

workouts Apr 12, 2017

This is one of my favorite exercises because is does not require equipment, you can do them anywhere, and finally mastering a perfect push-up can make you feel like a BAD-ASS!!  I go over proper form so you know how to do the exercise properly.  There are quite a few common mistakes people make when doing push-ups, I will go over them and how to correct them.  Sometimes strength is the missing link, and there are certain drills to help you build up this strength for you to do a proper push-up in no time!

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nutrition Apr 12, 2017

I like making Sofrito to add to a lot of my favorite dishes.  It is simple to make, and the way I store it makes my life easier when making quick meals.  The ingredients are simple, yet flavorful.  Let me know how you like this tip!



Extra Virgin Olive Oil               Cilantro

Garlic (peeled)                          White Onions

Red Bell Pepper                       Pearl Onions

Green Onions

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