fit blog workouts Mar 08, 2017

We all have trouble “making time” for our workouts. Here is my tricks for getting training done every week with a busy schedule. Need an extra push for those glutes? Here is a glute workout that will help build your butt. Being pampered is a always a plus. You need to remember to take care of yourself and your skin. Follow me through a facial treatment at Atomic Beauty Company.

Structuring Your Training Week:

Make a list of muscles and how often you like to train them.
I like to look at workouts at four different levels of intensity:Level 1- Recovery DayActive, but low intensity day.  Taking a hike or a light walk are two examples for a recovery day.
Level 2- Isolation of one muscle groupNo compound or heavy lifting
Level 3- Moderate to Heavy weightHIT under 15 minutes
Steady State Cardio
More than one muscle group
Rest between sets
Level 4- High IntensityHIT, Heavy compound lifts, Plyos
Short rest periods between sets
Ask yourself these questions each day to help determine...

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Shoulder Workout and How to Eat While Dinning Out

fit blog nutrition workouts Mar 08, 2017

Hi girls! Who does not love a good shoulder workout?! You will find it here! Also, ever get frustrated when you and your friends go out and you don’t know what you can/should eat? Follow these tips and don’t worry about going out again!


Shoulder Workout:

Warm Up: No Rep Range

[2]{per side} Cable External Rotations

[2]{per side} Cable Front Raises

[2]{per side} Cable Lateral Raises

The Workout:

[4](8-12){increasing weight each set} DB Shoulder Press

[4](10-12) 6 Raise

[4](10-12) M&Ms

[4](10-12) Incline Y-Raise to T-Raise

[4](10-12) Seated Bent Over Reverse Flye

[10](30sec.) {30 sec. Work and 30 sec. Rest} Battle Rope


Healthy Dinning Out Tips:

Look up the Nutrition information of the restaurant before you go.
Don’t be afraid to make modifications.Substitute veggies for pasta
Order your food dry, with no butter or oils
Order dressing on the side
Plan ahead. Enter your food into your food tracker Before you go, and then plan your day around that...

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