Shoulder Workout and How to Eat While Dinning Out

fit blog nutrition workouts Mar 08, 2017

Hi girls! Who does not love a good shoulder workout?! You will find it here! Also, ever get frustrated when you and your friends go out and you don’t know what you can/should eat? Follow these tips and don’t worry about going out again!


Shoulder Workout:

Warm Up: No Rep Range

[2]{per side} Cable External Rotations

[2]{per side} Cable Front Raises

[2]{per side} Cable Lateral Raises

The Workout:

[4](8-12){increasing weight each set} DB Shoulder Press

[4](10-12) 6 Raise

[4](10-12) M&Ms

[4](10-12) Incline Y-Raise to T-Raise

[4](10-12) Seated Bent Over Reverse Flye

[10](30sec.) {30 sec. Work and 30 sec. Rest} Battle Rope


Healthy Dinning Out Tips:

Look up the Nutrition information of the restaurant before you go.
Don’t be afraid to make modifications.Substitute veggies for pasta
Order your food dry, with no butter or oils
Order dressing on the side
Plan ahead. Enter your food into your food tracker Before you go, and then plan your day around that...

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Training with Pro UFC Fighter (this workout killed us!)

workouts Mar 08, 2017

Meet my friend Professional MMA Fighter and certified Badass Mommy: Michelle Waterson (aka The Karate Hottie)!

We happen to train with the same strength & conditioning coach once a week: Steve at Turning Point Strength & Conditioning Gym. Check out this intense workout we did!

P.S. that weight vest weighs 50LBS!!!


I love incorporating workouts like this in my program! Wanna try some? I’ll walk you through everything step-by-step when you Train with Me HERE!

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Booty Workout + My Fav Meals (My FIRST VLOG)

nutrition workouts Mar 08, 2017

On my first time “vlogging” I share one of my fav breakfast recipes, some of the supplements I take, a strictly glute isolation workout, quick lunch idea, dinner with my bestie, & a giveaway that is already expired but subscribe to my YouTube channel for more giveaways.


The supplements I take & mention in the video:
Discount Code: LAIS20
Best Resistance Bands:
Discount Code: LAISDELEON

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20 Minute Home Legs & Glutes Workout

workouts Mar 08, 2017

If you’ve got 20 minutes and a couch, you can sweat your way to a stronger lower body and better booty! I’ve designed this do-anywhere workout to help you whip up a good sweat and whoop your derrière into shape, no matter where you are. As long as you’ve got 20 minutes or so to spare, this lower-body, booty-building workout circuit will kick your behind!


A phone or timer to track your rest times with
A couch or chair
A willingness to work your butt on!
There are six movements to familiarize yourself with in this workout, and you will perform each one for a full minute of intense, butt-building work. There’s very little to no rest between the exercises; do them all back-to-back until you’ve done all six movements to complete one round. Only then should you give yourself a 60-second break to catch your breath before you start the next round. Aim to give your best effort for every minute you are...

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