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It's taken me years of hard work, learning from my own mistakes & success to master what it takes to get and stay in great shape through a balanced, healthy, happy lifestyle. I want to share my answers, methods, and knowledge with you!

(Anytime) Summer Shred Program Bikini Bodybuilding Training Program Signature Nutrition Program

Summer Shred Program 2.0

This is the NEW & improved Summer Shred Program 2.0. (Can be done anytime!)

8 Weeks of high intensity strength training workouts that will get your metabolism firing for a lean & strong summer body! This program is FUN, challenging, and EFFECTIVE! 

  • 8 weeks of daily workouts w/ video demos.
  • The first 4 weeks are challenge weeks. Stay engaged and accountable to win prizes! 
  • No boring & unnecessary cardio
  • Beginner, intermediate, & advanced level modifications.
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Bikini Body Building Training Program

I combined fundamental bodybuilding principles with special emphasis on isolating the parts of interest most women wish to accentuate when getting "bikini-ready" (firm rounded booty, small tight waistline, shapely legs and arms, and some visible definition) to create my most comprehensive program. You will return to this program year after year because it produces amazing results every time! All exercises include a VIDEO form demonstration & tips.

*Gym equipment necessary.

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Signature Nutrition Program

My nutrition guide outlines my full comprehensive approach and philosophy to a healthy, sustainable, diet which produces long-term results. It includes:

  • Approved Foods Grocery List
  • Macros 101 Video Training Course. Learn everything you need to know about calculating, tracking, & adjusting your macros for your goals.
  • Nutrient & meal timing guide
  • Supplements guide
  • Everything you need to know about "cheat meals"
  • Super Foods, Healthy Essentials, and much more!
  • My Favorite Lean Muscle-Building Meal Recipes
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Video Exercise Library

My extensive library of over 100 of the most effective exercises is included in all of my training programs. I perform each exercise with perfect form and include set-up, form prompts, and activation queues so you are confident you are performing each exercise correctly. 

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The days of restrictive crash dieting, boring workouts,
and punishing yourself with hours of cardio are over!
Learn to live a fulfilling active lifestyle you'll enjoy forever.
I'm here to help you make healthy lifestyle changes
that produce RESULTS!
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(Anytime) Summer Shred Program Bikini Bodybuilding Program Signature Nutrition Program

Lais Checks-In

Members get access to check-in Q&A videos.
I get your questions, comments, concerns, and popular topics and post video check-ins addressing these various topics. Think of this section as your dose of re-motivation, your personal Q&A time with me, or just our time to catch up on a virtual coffee date! No topic is off limits here, we cover it all!!! 😉

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When you join my program you'll get life-time access to my private community. This is by far the most inspiring & motivating support group you'll ever take part in! My ladies are truly inspirational. We are all different, from all over the world, with different goals & backgrounds but we can somehow relate and connect on the same level. We share one common goal: to improve our health, lives, & bodies together. The support here is truly unique. We are blessed to have each other. The ladies share their struggles, accomplishments, recipes, what has helped most + motivational posts daily. I'm in there too - checking in with you to stay in touch and I often do LIVE Video Chats!

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Weekly Workouts & FREE Access to Seasonal Challenges

Members get a new fun and challenging workout EVERYDAY of the year and/or access to Lais' seasonal 30 Day Challenges.

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Join now to become a member of my #LaisDeLeonFitnessProgram community of amazing, supportive, like-minded women who are changing their lives and loving their results. We are all here to support you & help you succeed! Whether you're a beginner or long-time fitness enthusiast, you'll love the fresh approach on fitness this program and community offers!

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(Anytime) Summer Shred Program Bikini Bodybuilding Training Program Signature Nutrition Program

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