Take your physique to the next level

8 Weeks of high intensity strength training & nutrition that will get your metabolism firing for a lean & strong summer body! This program is FUN, challenging, and EFFECTIVE!



Here's what they don't want you to know...


Most of your favorite “fitspirations” make a living from the way they look by competing in fitness shows, photoshoots, and selling skinny teas & waist trainers. They spend several hours each day working out and dieting! They have the time to do so because this is what they do for a living! The average hard-working busy person doesn’t have the time nor energy to spend hours working out & meal prepping. Most of us have no desire to make fitness our whole life! We just want to look and feel our best without being miserable in the process! We have real lives, jobs, hobbies, & our families to devote our precious time to. Am I right?


6 prepped meals per day

They are joking right?
Most of us LOVE to eat, but this is not exactly what we have in mind!
Nothing sounds more boring and restrictive than this BS.
Ever try to prep all your meals for the week?
I have! Tell me if this sounds familiar…

I spend hours on Sunday cooking and packing perfectly portioned meals into containers. When I could have been spending it with my family or boyfriend, thinking THIS is the key to my fitness success.
By Tuesday, I want to barf at the thought of force-feeding myself another dry chicken & broccoli meal. 😷
So it all goes to waste, I end up spending more on dining out, and I’m left feeling like big failure!

It doesn’t have to be this way, sister!

Cardio: 45 min-2 hours/ Day

The typical competitor program usually includes some insane amount of cardio.

Most claim they’re “only doing 45min per day” but I’ve been around the industry for years and 2 hours of cardio per day is not uncommon.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anything more dreadful than wasting away on the treadmill or stair master for that long.

Luckily for us, it’s completely unnecessary!

SkinnyTeas, Pills, & Lotions

Or whatever the latest scam is this week!

Those teas just make you 💩  and could potentially leave you dehydrated and depleted of important minerals. Nothing an over the counter laxative can’t do for MUCH less. SMH!

You can’t “BLOCK” Carbs with a pill.

That waist trainer can’t magically burn fat for you. Sure, you might lose weight by eating less… but I would too if something was suffocating me all day!

And just because that over-priced vaseline makes you tingly and a little sweatier doesn’t mean you’re burning any more calories!

There are some well-researched supplements out there but nothing is going to miraculously do the work for you.

Please don’t fall for the gimmicks, girlfriend!

🚫 The Biggest Myth of all: "MOTIVATION" 🚫

The Motivation Myth

I always get asked the same question: “How do you stay motivated?”
NEWS FLASH: You don’t need more motivation! You’re already motivated. Motivation just helps you make a decision to get started. THAT’S IT!
It’s easy to seem “motivated” when all you have to worry about today is: eating 6 talapia & asparagus meals, what to watch during your 2 hours of cardio, and taking the perfect selfie to post with that quote!

When you throw school, career, relationships, family, goals, responsibilities, and maybe even a kid or two into the mix, things get a bit trickier…
If you’re wondering how the fit chicks who seem to have it all together are able to get in such great shape, and why you keep failing…
It’s NOT because they have more motivation than you! It comes down to strategically managing your willpower…. and for that you need a proven SYSTEM!
You see, everyone thinks they need more willpower but I believe we all have the same “amount” of it. We just need to learn how to manage it more efficiently.

What is WillPower? noun 1. control of one's impulses and actions; self-control.

Think of it as a renewable resource. (Like a rechargeable battery) Every time you make a decision, complete a task, expend physical energy, use brain power, (aka: adulting) you use up some of your will power.
You know what else uses up your willpower battery? Lack of sleep & restricting calories. Yeah, exactly, that thing we do on a regular basis…

So think of your typical day. You go through it getting sh!t done, handling your business, and being the badass SUPERWOMAN that you are…
Then you come home at the end of a long day and you wonder why you’re not jumping off the couch with excitement to spend 2 hours at the gym and to eat that week-old mealprep waiting for you in the fridge.
So you go on an Instagram quest for “motivation.”

Hate to break it to you sister, but none of those girls’ selfies and quotes are going to help you off the couch and into the gym!

What you need is a SYSTEM that works! And that’s where this program comes in…

Here's what you NEED to succeed

These are the 3 things EVERYONE needs to make a successful transformation or change in life.

A Proven Blueprint That Works

- A step-by-step Action Plan

- A road map with clear progressions so you KNOW you're on track

- A program that SHOWS you what to do, not just tells you.

- A program that informs & educates you on WHY you're doing what you're doing.

A Dedicated Mentor & Support System

It's almost impossible to take on a new challenge without some support. Your friends & family may not always understand what you're doing and why.

You need people on your team who get what you're going through and want to see you reach your goals!

WOMEN just like you who understand, listen, and support you!

A Sustainable Lifestyle Change

This is not your first attempt at the whole "getting fit" thing...
Obviously what you've tried so far did not work. Whether it was too restrictive, overwhelming, or worse: it didn't produce results.

One thing is clear, every life factor matters, because LIFE HAPPENS!
If a plan is not realistic & sustainable, you wont stick to it!
So you need a system you can adapt to YOUR LIFESTYLE. 
NOT one that forces you to change your whole life around!

You'll get this & so much more!

Rest assured you'll get these 3 key components for success in your fitness journey plus so much more with this program!

What's Included?

Here's what you get with the Summer Shred Program

8 Week Training Program

I take you through 8 weeks of FUN daily progressive workouts to follow. No 2 workouts are the same.

- Strength Training Workouts
- High Intensity Workouts
- Active Rest & Recovery Days

*Gym equipment access required for this program.

VIDEO Exercise Library

EVERY exercise includes a video demo of Lais performing the exercise with notes and form queues so you can be confident you have proper form.

Complete Nutrition Guide

The MOST comprehensive nutrition program you'll find.

It's not a meal plan.
It's not a macro split to track.
It's not just a list of rules!

It's education. It's guidance. It's the knowledge you need to create your own diet based on your starting place, goals, and food preferences. 

There's no one-size-fits-all diet!
Learn how to eat for your body & goals!

*only with complete program option

Support Community Group

Having support is crucial for success on your fitness journey. There's no shortage of help & support when you join the most amazing & supportive private community group! 
The ladies in the group share their struggles & successes. 

Accountability Checkpoints

Stay accountable and on-track by completing the various accountability checkpoints. These are activities you complete to check-in with your coach: Lais & the other ladies to ensure everyone is progressing through the program.

Access To Your Coach for Questions & Help

Of course you can email me anytime with questions and I'm always available inside the Private Community Group.
I offer weekly Live Chats where we talk about EVERYTHING! 

Access your program anywhere

You'll have your personal login you can use to access your workouts and exercise video demos from any desktop/laptop or mobile device! 

Invitation to join Membership

This exclusive membership is only offered to ladies who've purchased a #LaisDeLeonFitnessProgram you get:
- My Nutrition Plan
- Weekly Workouts
- FREE Challenge Entry
- New Weekly Member Content
- Recipes
- Members-Only Check-in Videos

30 DAY Transformation!

"This is my 30 day transformation. I wanted to be able to measure my changes with more than just the number on the scale so I chose to reach the goal of fitting into my "little red dress." I'm so excited with my results, it was unbelievable to see what the scale isn't able to show! I am so happy with the strength I have discovered both physically and mentally thanks to Lais and the Facebook community she created. She takes the time to check in, answer questions, ask you how it's going, and makes you feel truly invested in not only your outcome but the whole journey. This community motivates, challenges and most importantly encourages you to push onward and upward. Thanks so much to the humble and beautiful Lais DeLeon for your calling to help others!! I am forever grateful. 😙😙


Check Out This Workout Preview

Here's an example of some of the exercises you'll be doing on your workouts for this program!


Get started with Summer Shred Today!



Exceeded My Expectations!

"What I got from this program exceeded any expectations I could have set. I walked into a positive, motivating, and high-energy fitness program that was structured to a beginner’s fitness level that then increased with just the right amount of difficulty for each workout. Each week logging into the program, was like unwrapping a new gift. I, like many of the other ladies, looked forward (and although a little nervous) felt excited to see what was in store for the week. Your approach to working out made challenges rewarding; in the fact that we accomplished yet another fun week of workouts!"

- Kay Renee

"Lais has been such a positive influence in my life and I am so grateful to have gotten to know her. Not only has she gotten me completely hooked on fitness, she has helped me develop so many amazing traits from within. From always having a positive outlook in life, to loving yourself, and your body, to never giving up on your goals to supporting other women... I admire Lais so much for creating this training program and always being there to guide us in all areas of life. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and truly such an inspiration. The results I'm seeing have largely been made possible by the other ladies in this program as well. "

Chhavi Verg
Miss New Jersey 2017

I'll be your Fitness Lifestyle Coach!

I've done all the hard work and eliminated the guesswork for you.
It's taken me years of hard work, learning from my own mistakes & success to master what it takes to get and stay in great shape through a balanced, healthy, happy lifestyle. I want to share my answers, methods, and knowledge with you!

Start your Summer Shred Transformation TODAY!

Burn fat, build muscle, and reveal that summer body you've always wanted!



Average: 2-5lbs of FAT lost per week and 2-3lbs of MUSCLE gained per month!

More Weights. LESS CARDIO!

"...by putting just a little more effort in my diet and increasing my weight training with this program I'm seeing great results and doing LESS CARDIO!
I'm really enjoying this program and I look forward to every single workout!"


One word: AMAZING!

I have tried many other fitness programmes but this one is the only one that I have stuck to!

Lais has supported me through my ongoing journey and has guided me through rough times without doubting my ability.

The fitness programme and group helps keep you motivated without being bored allowing you to stay motivated without wanting to give up and Lais has helped my confidence dramatically and I can honestly say I have grown as a person because of the help.

Whether it is exercise or meal prep I have needed, Lais has always been there to help me without over complicating the issue I am having and I can honestly say that I am 10000000% happy with my results. It hasn't been easy but that it what I like about this. The challenges have allowed me to keep going and surpass any  obstacles I once thought I had and I cannot thank Lais enough for the ongoing support and help.


*Disclaimer: results may vary. Testimonials and examples are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other materials are not intended in any way as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen.


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